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An ancestral festival of Talavera de la Reina declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in 2009 where the whole region worships Nuestra Señora del Prado virgin, adorning the streets with the colors of the city and bringing offerings to the Virgin in a majestic courtship.

Learn about the history, tradition and events surrounding this Festival of National Tourist Interest.

Greetings from the Mayor

Dña. Tita García Élez


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of Mondas

From pre-Roman times and the worship of Ceres, through the conquest of the Visigoths, the dark Middle Ages and even a space of silence. The leño florido, the monda, the offerings to the Virgin and all the data of this millenary festival.


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With a week ahead to celebrate Las Mondas, the city dresses up to accommodate a wide program of activities and events.

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Live the Mondas!

As every year, we wanted to organize a special series of events so that everyone can enjoy our parties. Enjoy the Prégon de Mondas, all the events prepared throughout the city during the week, the already indispensable Mondilla and several workshops that we have prepared for the whole family.


Mondas 2023


Meet the winners of the III Poster Contest of Mondas, the X Bastón de Mondas contest.

Libertad Sevilleja Jiménez
Libertad Sevilleja Jiménez
Mónica Pina Ruiz
Mónica Pina Ruiz

Greetings from the Mayor

Mrs. Tita García Élez

Mondas is Talavera and Talavera is its Mondas. That is how brief this greeting could be and in it would be understood all the essence of our city and its oldest party. The Mondas are multicultural, open, cheerful, traditional and, above all, they are a symbol that identifies and unites us.

There are places where singularities are used to mark differences and separate themselves from the rest. This is not the case of our Mondas, in which the most significant acttivity, the Great Saturday Courtship, is the meeting point for collectives and representatives coming from all corners of Spain. This is the real Talavera.

And this, for me, is what defines us as a city: A confluence of people coming from the four cardinal points, who throughout history have been leaving their position and above all their vocation of universality, Reaching its maximum exponent with the declaration of our ceramic technique – together with those of our brothers of Puente del Arzobispo, Puebla and Tlaxcala – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Starting from the humble craft of clay, generations of people from Talavera born anywhere on the map, have raised a symbol for which we are known all over the planet. Talavera, Mondas and Ceramics mean the same thing to us: Art, culture and passion for things well done. Moreover, so great are our Mondas, that while throughout history religious beliefs have been a cause for dispute, Talavera knew how to adapt the pagan roots of the Munda Cereris to convert them to medieval Christianity, Ending by offering them to our Patroness the Virgin of the Prado, who is also perpetual mayor of our city.

Having made it clear then that the Mondas belong to everyone and that Talavera never closes its arms because we have emptied the word ‘stranger’ of content, from Easter Sunday I invite you to flood our streets and squares. That we open our balconies, both literally and figuratively, so that the festive spirit permeates each and every corner of the city. I encourage you to see each other in the Leño Florido and in that wonderful week that follows, in which it is impossible that there is not a conference, exhibition, presentation, concert or activity that is not to the liking of any of us.

And on Saturday, in the Great Courtship, I urge you to go out into the streets to celebrate our roots – that is, what we have been, but also what we are and will be – with the villages of our region and all those who visit us in a week that is expected unforgettable.

I’ll be waiting for you, because what we are going to live is part of all of us. Mondas is what we are, I told you at the beginning: Mondas is Talavera and Talavera is its Mondas. I encourage you to live them and, above all, to feel them.